Friday 22nd March

Just a short post today. Had a call from builder Steve Hudson to tell me that contract and payment schedule were in the post. The steel for the construction has arrived at the yard and the work has commenced. I have been told that by Easter week our steel will begin to appear boat shaped so a visit to Tamworth is on the cards with photos to follow.

Still A Gongoozler

Tuesday 12th March

Woke this morning to see everything covered with snow. In Kent we had a decent covering but the howling wind had blown it into small drifts causing the usual chaos on the roads. I thought/hoped we had seen the last of it for this year. Someone however was having a ball.

DYLAN enjoying the snow

Once playtime was over it was off to work for me. Today was going to take me to the canal village of Stoke Bruerne. It is still a couple of weeks until the base plate for Achernar is laid so I am still officially a gongoozler.

A view of top lock from the Navigation Inn


Leaking gates I believe are the norm

Boats moored above top lock

Lunch venue

           I have lunched previously at both the Boat Inn and the Navigation Inn on the other side of the bridge.

A view of Top Lock from the Canal Museum

Overall an enjoyable visit to give me a temporary fix of the canals until it becomes our permanent lifestyle. By the way when do I cease to be a gongoozler? When the base plate is laid or when the boat is complete?

Delivery of appliances

Saturday 2nd March

Today is delivery day for a number of appliances that will be built into Achernar as the build progresses. The ordering process was fairly painless being able to do it all online and we have been able to arrange for the deliveries to all be made on the same day. However the time period ranges from 0700 to 1900 which would be slightly more tolerable if there was some six nations rugby to watch – ho hum.

Anyway back to the items. We have ordered a 9″ Francis searchlight to adorn the front of the boat. This will be sent directly to the boatbuilder nearer the completion date. I have read numerous comments on forums about boaters being blinded in tunnels by oversized tunnel lights but I do think they look good on the front of a boat. I will however ensure that the light is angled up and right to try and mitigate the effect upon oncoming boats.

9″ Francis searchlight being supplied by Paul Westby

The other items ordered include a Zanussi ZWC1301 washing machine, a Candy OVG505/3N gas oven, a Bosch gas hob and the new Dyson digital cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Zanussi ZWC1301

Candy OVG505/3N

Dyson DC44 digital

I can report that all the items expected arrived in good condition. Once checked all were re-packed ready to be delivered to Steve Hudson as and when he requires them.