Still A Gongoozler

Tuesday 12th March

Woke this morning to see everything covered with snow. In Kent we had a decent covering but the howling wind had blown it into small drifts causing the usual chaos on the roads. I thought/hoped we had seen the last of it for this year. Someone however was having a ball.

DYLAN enjoying the snow

Once playtime was over it was off to work for me. Today was going to take me to the canal village of Stoke Bruerne. It is still a couple of weeks until the base plate for Achernar is laid so I am still officially a gongoozler.

A view of top lock from the Navigation Inn


Leaking gates I believe are the norm

Boats moored above top lock

Lunch venue

           I have lunched previously at both the Boat Inn and the Navigation Inn on the other side of the bridge.

A view of Top Lock from the Canal Museum

Overall an enjoyable visit to give me a temporary fix of the canals until it becomes our permanent lifestyle. By the way when do I cease to be a gongoozler? When the base plate is laid or when the boat is complete?

2 thoughts on “Still A Gongoozler

  1. Peter and Margaret March 12, 2013 / 8:54 pm

    My own answer to your final question. I suppose you cease being a gongoozler when you have reached the stage of your build contract where you take ownership. When out and about watching, from then on you are a 'boat owner'. Welcome to the waterways – Peter & Margaret.


  2. nb Achernar March 14, 2013 / 9:19 pm

    Hello Peter & MargaretIt is nice to hear from you and I have now added your blog to my list of reads. I am sort of a boat owner as I have a yacht at the moment which we will be giving up for the narrowboat but I suppose that does not count so will have to except being a gongoozler for a few months moreRegardsPhil


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