Steelwork Stage One

Friday 19th April

Today started full of anticipation as I set off from Kent at 8am heading for Tamworth. In the boot of the car was the Zanussi washing machine that I was going to deposit at Hudsons boatyard. The M25 was surprisingly free flowing so good time was made via the M1/M6/M42 arriving at Glascote Basin at 1045 am.
On arrival I could see that the boatyard was quite full with boats including a number that were in build.

Hudson Boatbuilders at Glascote Basin

Steve Hudson was with other customers when I arrived so I had a short wait during which time I was able to view a boat within the paint shed. I was itching to get inside the steel shed to see Achernar and after what was only 5 mins but seemed an age Steve took me inside to see how our boat was progressing.

Distinctive Bow of a Hudson with 15mm Base Plate

Side View of Bow

Bow Thruster Tube

I had read earlier during my research days that there is a slightly higher risk of the bow thruster tube being perforated and that although this is rare I would rather mitigate this risk so I have specified a watertight bulkhead to be fitted between the bow thruster tube and the rest of the boat.

Well Deck showing Bow Thruster Hatch


Stern showing part of the 14′ swims

Rear Engine Room which will house the Beta 43 Engine

Front Roof Section – Showing slots for Prisms

Roof Section being raised – Showing Prism slots and Houdini Hatch cutout

Side View showing Ports and (Rivets)

Internal View showing Floor Bearers

Once the steelwork has been completed some of the floor bearers will be altered to allow the stainless steel holding tank to rest on the base plate. This should increase its volume thereby increasing the periods between pump outs.

Steve estimates that the shell will be finished in about two weeks which is good news. On the flip side that means the next stage payment is due. Now looking forward to Crick to source some equipment at hopefully show prices.

Hospital Silencer

Wednesday 10th April

Received a call today to ask whether we wanted a hospital silencer fitted to Achernar.
This was something we had researched in the early days of our planning but had forgotten about as we focused on the more interesting aspects of the build. Steve Hudson informed me that the engine bay needs to be configured slightly differently to fit the silencer which is much larger than normal and that retro fitting the item would be difficult.
If we have moored up in a peaceful location the last thing we want is to listen to a noisy engine charging the batteries and we certainly don’t want to inflict our noise on others so the decision is to have a hospital silencer fitted from new.
We were also told that the steelwork is progressing well so I intend to travel to Tamworth next week to photograph the progress.