Engine In and Lining Out

Yesterday we travelled to Tamworth to attend Hudson Boatbuilders open day. It was an opportunity to view the progress on Achernar and to also have a final look at some other Hudson boats in case we wanted to make any final tweeks. The basin was full of colourful boats and the weather was fine and dry.

It had taken just over 3 hours to travel up from Kent due to a number of incidents on the motorways so a visit to the refreshment tent was the first order of the day. We went on board five boats in all some were for the first time and others we had seen before but wanted to re visit to confirm our own design choices. As always the owners were very welcoming and willing to answer our many questions. One important issue that arose was that gauges on the fuel and water tanks were not included in the standard spec. So having been made aware of this I have now added this to the requirements for Achernar.

Viewing from the bow towards the stern. The Houdini hatch and open side hatch are in the galley. The closed side hatch is where the saloon ends and the galley begins.

The bedroom with bed base taking shape. The boxed in area contains the holding tank. Base will be slatted and will have a pull out section to increase width from 4′ to 4’6”.
Shower cubicle 800 x 800 taking shape with cupboards.

Alternate view of shower room where hand basin and Sanimarin macerating toilet will be located.

Views of engine room

Engine bay showing hospital silencer and Beta 43 engine protected by plastic sheeting.

Stainless Steel water tank beneath well deck

One of our other objectives was to choose a colour scheme but on this we have failed. Just when we see one boat that we like we then see another and so on.
Our journey home was more enjoyable thanks to the break we took at The Navigation Inn at Stoke Bruerne. We arrived home at 7pm having missed most of the forecast bad weather. I hope the planned evening barbecue and band was not affected too much by the weather and once again thanks to all who allowed us onto your boats.