Woodwork Update

It has been some time since my last post due to our annual summer holiday and the slow progress of the build. Not that we are complaining it will take as long as it takes. So on thursday last week I went to see the change since our last visit.
A number of items have now been ordered and this list includes Ancona cast iron radiators in graphite, Sanimarin exclusive medium macerating toilet and the chosen tiles for the shower,galley splashback and behind the solid fuel stove. We have also confirmed our order with Paul Westby for a 9” brass Francis searchlight and confirmed the supply time for our Panasonic 240W HIT solar panel. Our reason for opting for this panel is that its slightly smaller than other panels of a similar output which will therefore will still allow walking along the roof.

Back Room

The back room as we call it is situated just forward of the engine room. It is only 5′ but we hope that it will perform a multi function role. There are bench seats on each side. On the port side the bench is 4′ with a 1′ cupboard. This will be used to store the Dyson handheld rechargeable and a table top ironing board amongst other things. On the starboard side the bench seat is 3′ but with a 1′ extension. There will be a table top stored in the saloon which can be set up as required and this will also fill the gap to make a 4′ width cross bed. So although small hopefully this room will function as a utility room,dining room,occasional bedroom and a place to sit to talk to helmsman/helms woman.

View of back room

 Forward of the back room is the shower room/toilet. The shower tray is 800 x 800 stone resin and we have opted for a manual whale gulper pump to empty the waste water. Although it would be nice to have the automatic type I have heard stories of them failing and the dirty water overflowing the sump into the bilge.(Not nice)

The next room is the bedroom. This contains an in line bed which we will be able to extend the width by up to 8”. The bed base will be slatted and you can see the enclosed holding tank on the centre line. The dresser by the wardrobe is going to be altered from a cupboard into drawers.

Forward of the bedroom is the galley. We are going to have a stable type door between the bedroom and the galley to allow warm air to circulate through the boat by keeping the top part open whilst closing the lower part to prevent our labradoodle Dylan from making our bed his.

The housing for the domestic sized oven

A Zanussi washing machine will be housed in far corner accessed from the saloon and to the side of that will be a 12 volt Shoreline larder fridge

As the housing for the oven is 60 cm wide we will have the width of the long worktop made approx 10 cm smaller than normal. This will look fine as the worktop will be a single sheet of Avonite. 

The side hatch to the left in this photo will have a can cupboard beneath
Cupboards and TV housing

The saloon is 13′ and will have corner cupboards to the port side of front doors and solid fuel stove on the starboard side. There will be a cupboard unit which will incorporate a 27” flat screen tv

We have been told that there is about a month of woodwork still to go before varnishing begins so we think that we are on course for a spring finish………maybe