This week there have been two developments. 

The first is in the title and will be recognised as a C&RT registration number. Achernar will be recorded on their database as 522205. We have registered this early so that the number can be painted on rather than attaching the aluminium plates to the boat.
The second is the picture below,

This is our Francis searchlight. It has been restored by Paul Westby and it looks rather splendid. I am not sure that even with frequent polishing we will be able to keep it quite as polished as Paul has managed.
These two items give us the feeling that we are slowly heading towards the end of the build which is just as well as the Crick show where Achernar will be on display is only a hundred days away.
Finally Oscar’s training is continuing and he seems to be progressing well. This week we are going to begin recall training and may even try him off the lead if all goes well.