Achernar has finally emerged in her new colours after six weeks in the paint shop. As can be seen we have opted for a black,grey,red and cream colour scheme with a diamond pattern design on the rear section of the roof. The rear hatch has a red club displayed. The wires seen protruding from the roof are where a false pigeon box will conceal the shore power socket. The roof area forward of the stop plank has been gritted but an area has been left untreated with grit where the solar panel will be mounted. This will hopefully aid cleaning beneath the panel. The sign writing is yet to be done but will be in cream and red. It will consist of the boat name and location of construction. In the smaller of the recessed panels will be displayed “No.4”. At the same time the hull will be blacked.

So now for some photos.





The work inside the boat is going into overdrive as well. With only 47 days till the Crick boat show there is not much time left. The tiling around the stove area is nearly complete and the recessed lighting has been installed. Work has also begun in the engine room to install all the technical stuff.



                                        The silver box is the brains of the 240 volt travel power 

                                       Splash back to the galley worktop are glass mosaic tiles

                                All doors have been scumbled and will have traditional roses 
                                      painted on. The rear doors will also have the castles.

Finally Oscar who has grown substantially since his first appearance in this blog. We have told him if he gets too big he won’t fit in his new home so he had better stop growing soon.