First night

This will be a brief post as using my ipad tethered to my 3 phone so signal not brilliant. After some brief ┬ádemonstrations of equipment installed on Achernar we were formally handed control of the boat on Friday afternoon. There then followed lots of loading the boat with stuff from the car and plenty of unwrapping and packing away to be done. Shortly before 5pm we were aboard Achernar for her first voyage under our control. This amounted to a distance of about 25 yards from one side of Glascote basin to the other. This will be our home now till the middle of August when we set sail for pastures new. So far only one drama when the dog Oscar fell in jumping from the boat to the jetty. He managed to cling on with front paws so only his back legs and bottom got a soaking. First night in the new bed and slept like a log so all is well there. That’s it for now as off to get pizza for tea. Definitely don’t want to spoil our new cooker by using it.