Christmas at Yelvertoft

Since our previous post we have only ventured out onto the cut once. This was for a couple of days finding ourselves a quiet spot up by bridge 27. I was able to touch up the scuff marks to our hull sides, then all to soon it was back into the marina. The weather the past month or so, has been for the most part wet and windy, so putting a few extra coals on the fire with your feet up is not a bad way to let winter pass by. We have also done a few excursions, one of which was to visit the Christmas Market in Birmingham. I was impressed, it was as good as the ones I have visited in Germany, and we had a pleasant afternoon and evening, sampling gluhwein and eating bratwursts, with a little shopping in between.





Not to be out done by the festive lights of Birmingham we have adorned the boat with our own Christmas light show. Although not nearly as much as some of the other boats in the marina. I suspect that given how mild this winter has been so far, he may be the only snowman we will see this year.

Anyway that’s all for now. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.