Aston Marina

Sunday lunch at the Saracens Head was very enjoyable, and whilst we had left the furry crew mate on board the boat, this pub is dog friendly for future reference. On the way back to the boat, we passed a row of cottages that seemed to be in competition with each other, as to who could have the most colourful display of flowers. 


This morning the alarm went off at a very unpleasant 7.50 am. We had set it because we intended to reach the village of Barlaston, a good view miles and quite a few locks away. By 8.30 we were underway, the weather was still blustery and clouds threatened rain. This was not the weather BBCs countryfile had forecast. The first bridge we passed through demonstrated intricate brick work skills which appear to be lost on more modern constructions.
As we were passing between bridges 84 and 85 it began to rain. We stopped for a tea break before commencing our journey half an hour later. Approaching Aston Marina we could see the lock ahead, and there appeared to be some boat shuffling occurring. There were also a number of people standing by the lock wearing blue Canal and River Trust shirts and red life jackets. We were informed the lock had just been closed to navigation, and it was expected to be an hour at least before it opened again. Deciding not to waste time in a queue, we turned swiftly into the Marina and located their service pontoon for diesel and a pump out. Whilst completing our tasks, we were informed that the Marina hosts a bistro and well stocked deli. Hearing this we plonked ourselves on the visitor pontoon and booked a berth for the night. Then it was off to the bistro for lunch.

After lunch the four legged crew was taken for a walk, then the afternoon was spent resting and relaxing in anticipation of our busy day tomorrow.

                                                                Berthed at Aston Marina.

Totals 4 Miles 1 Lock
Running total 246 Miles 150 Locks 12 Tunnels

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