Wood Lane

Yesterday, in anticipation of some impending bad weather due in the next few days, we moved off from the mooring at Bollington. We were only travelling 3 miles, so just under an hour after we set off we arrived at our intended destination, close to Lyme View Marina. The visitor moorings here are located either side of bridge 18, and apart from one solitary plastic boat which looks like it has been here quite a while, we were on our own.



                                                           Mooring at Wood Lane.

Just beyond the bridge is Lyme View Marina which has full services, and the local village a couple of hundred yards away, benefits from the Miners Arms P.H. Whilst the mooring spot has rings, and a well tended grassy towpath, it also suffers from a submerged shelf below the waterline, rather like the one found on the Shropshire Union Canal. Following a rummage in the gas locker/bulk storage area, we located our Shropshire Union wheelbarrow wheels, and the problem of the shelf was solved.

Now we just have to ‘mind the gap’ when stepping off. As we were finishing securing the boat, another went past and the steerer, clearly with some local knowledge said, “ah you have found the shelf, you know, just through the bridge there isn’t one”. That may explain the reason why the mooring section the other side of the bridge is time limited to 24 hours. Today the rain arrived, and it looks set like this for a while. We will sit out the bad weather here for the next couple of days, and no doubt will support the local business in the village. One other milestone was passed on our journey yesterday, our beta marine engine has now completed its first one thousand hours of use. This also means an oil and filter change is now due.

Totals 3 Miles

Running total 285 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels

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