Today we moved the final couple of miles along the Macclesfield Canal to Marple Junction, where we were to join the Peak Forest Canal. We past Goyt Mill on the outskirts of Marple, before arriving at the CRT service block.



                                                                     Goyt Mill.

After disposing of some rubbish, we moved through the short narrow towards the junction, this time turning right onto the Peak Forest Canal, heading away from Manchester and towards Derbyshire and Bugsworth Basin.

                                                     Joining the Peak Forest Canal.


                                                         Turning right towards Bugsworth.

                                             Looking left towards the Marple Lock Flight.
Soon after turning onto the Peak Forest, we were reminded of our trip on the Llangollen Canal last year, as we bumped and scraped along the canal bed in places. The Macclesfield Canal has been shallow, but this one is worse. The scenery however, makes up for the shallowness, as we catch glimpses of ‘the peaks’ on the horizon. We were also logged by CRT on this stretch. It has been a while since we were last recorded.
We attempted to moor in a couple of places, not recorded as official mooring spots in the guides, but on each attempt we ran aground. Eventually perseverance paid off, and we successfully moored close to the village of Disley. Tomorrow rain is forecast, so we will stay put until Friday, when we will set off for the end of the canal at Bugsworth Basin.
Totals 4 Miles
Running total 292 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels

2 thoughts on “Disley

  1. Paul Shuter August 25, 2016 / 4:53 pm

    We were at Bugsworth a few weeks ago, it's not a bad place, but very noisy from an A road that passes very close. If you moor on the left basin of the three, the one straight ahead as you approach, it's probably a bit quieter.


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