Glascote Basin and Exmoor

So, it has been a while since our last post, and we have moved on a bit from Dadlington. After departing the Ashby Canal, we turned right at Marston Junction, and over the next four days, we travelled to Achernar’s home port at Glascote Basin. We broke the journey with stops at Hartshill, where we visited the largest garden centre I have ever been to, and half way between Atherstone and Polesworth, having descended the eleven lock flight. Glascote Basin was very busy on our arrival, but we managed to shoehorn ourselves onto a berth. Over the next couple of days, we packed up our things, as we prepared the boat for its impending paint job. The boat colours will be remaining the same with only a few subtle changes, and we will be having a couple of smaller jobs completed whilst there. All in all, we will be living off the boat for twelve weeks. We have therefore rented a cottage on the edge of Exmoor for the duration, which allows for the exploration of an area of the country, distinctly lacking in canals.

Whimbleball Lake    
The Dam
A Long Way Down
Walking on Exmoor
On top of the moor

The above are just a few snaps of our local area, and the walks that we will enjoy. We have also introduced the furry crew member to the seaside, and he loves the beach. So this is us until mid July, when hopefully all the works will be completed, and we can once again move back on board. Otherwise, we will be sleeping in the beer tent, during the Hudson Owners gathering in July. I will run through all the jobs we had done, and how the end results are, once complete, but just one mention of some excellent customer service. In a previous post we wrote about changing our propeller to an Axiom. When we ordered the new prop, I gave the size needed to Axiom, using the paperwork supplied with the boat. Unfortunately the paperwork was wrong, and instead of getting a prop sized the same, we ended up with the next size down. During a phone call with Axiom, they suggested I try the new one, but if unhappy they would swop it. Well I can report that with the Axiom fitted, many of the benefits claimed are evident. We now stop quicker, but more importantly maintain a straight line. Reversing is easier, and the stern of the boat does not dig in as much when underway. I have also noticed a significant reduction in tiller vibration and wash. The only downside is, that with the smaller prop, the engine revs are higher now to achieve the same cruising speed. True to their word though, despite it being my error in the initial ordering, and the fact that their prop has had a couple of months of use, Axiom have supplied a new one, now correctly sized. This will be fitted during the course of all the other work. So, anyone thinking of an Axiom for their boat, I can certainly recommend them and their customer service is excellent.

  • Totals 24 Miles 11 Locks
  • Running total 113 Miles 30 Locks 5 Tunnels 

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