Stratford-upon-Avon (update)

During our stay in Stratford upon Avon, we have enjoyed a bit of sightseeing, and eating at a number of the restaurants within the town. After three days in Bancroft Basin, on Saturday 5/5, we plucked up the courage to drop down onto the river. The Basin had been fairly empty during our time there, but we timed it to perfection, as later in the day, it filled to capacity.

Our riverside mooring

We are moored adjacent to a park area, opposite the Royal Shakespeare Company, and this is first time on a river for the boat. We have enjoyed several walks with four legs, both up, and down stream of our current location. Later in the evening we made our way to the Swan Fountain, for a night time of entertainment, courtesy of our guide Vincent.

Our storyteller Vincent

Our walk around the streets of Stratford upon Avon, was accompanied by spooky tales of witches and plague, ghosts and ghouls.

Today the town hosted a vintage car show, and a street market of crafts. We had a wander round, and then a warming cup of hot chocolate at the RSC, overlooking the river. At lunchtime, we visited Loxleys restaurant in Sheep Street, for a Sunday roast. It was well worth the visit.

A number of other places we have seen, include Shakespeare’s birthplace, the Guildhall where he was schooled, and his final resting place, at Holy Trinity Church.

Shakespeare’s birthplace
Statue in honour of the Bard
The Guildhall
Holy Trinity Church

Just some of the impressive stain glass windows
William Shakespeare’s grave

We have enjoyed our stay in Stratford upon Avon, and I’m sure we will return at a future date. Tomorrow, we begin our journey down the River Avon to Tewkesbury. We have a fourteen day river license, so no rush.

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