This morning we knew before getting out of bed, that the really good weather had returned. The boat began creaking due to the heat of the sun on the steelwork, long before we would normally consider rising. So not long after 8am we moved the boat forward to the water point, and then had breakfast whilst the tank was filled. It was then only a short hop to Pershore Lock. Part of the Weir stream at this Lock, has been adapted to provide hydroelectric power, using an Archimedes screw.

Archimedes screw at Pershore Lock

Once through the Lock, we had to navigate two bridges, very close together. When the water levels are high, it causes turbulence at the base of the arches. Today the passage through was uneventful.

Pershore Great Bridge, followed by Pershore New Bridge

We now had about four miles of cruising to enjoy before the next Lock. One thing we have noticed on our trip down the Avon, many of the trees lining the banks, have large ball shaped growths, in amongst the branches. On closer inspection they were found to be mistletoe.

Mistletoe growing in the trees

After about six miles it was close to lunchtime, so we stopped at Eckington Wharf and picnic area for about 30 minutes. So far we had seen very little river traffic, but this was soon to change. Strensham Lock, was the last of the Avon Locks the crew would operate, then we passed beneath the M50 motorway. Our final two miles to Tewkesbury, saw eight boats pass us. We hoped this would mean plenty of mooring space. We navigated through King John’s Bridge, then winded just beyond Avon Lock. Plenty of mooring was available, in the section where the Lock keeper receives three pounds for the night.

Moored by Avon Lock, Tewkesbury

After securing the boat, we wandered into town for a look. Both Tewkesbury and Pershore each have an Abbey. The one in Tewkesbury is the most impressive. We also had an ice cream, but four legs doesn’t know. He was left behind on guard.

Tewkesbury Abbey

We are now perfectly placed for our transit through Avon Lock tomorrow, and onto the mighty river Severn.

Totals 14 Miles 3 Locks

Running total 89 Miles 109 Locks 3 Tunnels

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