Since our last post we have been dodging the rain. So much for this being Flaming June, it’s been colder and wetter than February was. We have even had the diesel heating on. Having spent a couple of days at Wormleighton, on Sunday 9/6. we set off for Fenny Compton. We needed a top up with water, and due to the appalling weather forecast, it was likely we would be staying put at our intended mooring for up to a week. We also arranged for a pump out at the wharf in Fenny Compton, earlier than we needed, but it does mean we won’t need to move for seven or eight days. Once our services had been completed, we continued our cruise on the summit pound of the Oxford Canal, in relatively warm weather. About half a mile beyond Fenny Compton Marina, we reached the tunnel, or at least what used to be. It was originally built as a single bore Tunnel in 1776, but became a choke point, and by 1870 the roof had been removed. All that remains is a narrow cutting. Soon we arrived at Claydon Top Lock. A flight of five Locks, which dropped us 30 feet, and down off the summit. We had one more Lock to navigate, before reaching our intended mooring above Varney’s Lock.

Mooring above Varney’s Lock, Cropredy

The two geese in the picture above are our neighbours, living in the field opposite. Fortunately they are generally very quiet, except when the cows charge at them. We had been aiming for this spot, because the towpath is now on our port side, meaning I can attend to the jobs that need doing on that side of the boat.

The next five days have been a virtual washout, with very little opportunity to do anything. Our situation means we don’t have to move in appalling weather, but some do, especially hire boats who are generally on a schedule. It hasn’t been a complete waste of time, I have conducted the 2000 hour service on our beta marine diesel engine, and also topped up the water levels on our Trojan batteries. We have had the opportunity to walk into Cropredy on a couple of occasions, and during our visits, we have supported the local businesses, aka The Red Lion, and Brasenose Arms. The small village shop has also had some of our custom.

Cropredy Church opposite the Red Lion P.H

This afternoon the weather finally broke, and we caught a glimpse of the sun once more. Hopefully the towpath will dry out fairly quickly, and tomorrow I can finally begin our outdoor maintenance tasks.

Totals 8 Miles 6 Locks

Running total 175 Miles 248 Locks 9 Tunnels

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