It’s far too hot for a long post today, so here it is in brief. Four Locks all electric, the first of which the crew operated. The next reach is where we found the rowers, hundreds of them.

In training for the University Boat Race
Boat Houses for the Individual Colleges

We had set off early this morning as we suspected Abingdon would be busy, it was. Just through the Lock we took one of the last spaces available. It was only 11.45 am.

Mooring at Abingdon below the Lock

It was already too hot for four legs, so he stayed with the boat and we found a pub for lunch.

Pub on the island, Abingdon

Back at the boat we found some large trees to sit under whilst watching the boat traffic passing our mooring.

A Party Boat complete with live band

Some of it as in the photo above was quite large. Our boat is dwarfed by it and hidden from view by the park bench.

Totals 8 Miles 4 Locks

Running total 259 Miles 296 Locks 9 Tunnels

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