Yesterday we did what seems to be our standard distance on the Kennet and Avon, four miles and four locks. We had several more opportunities to hold up the traffic, at three electric swing bridges, before arriving at Aldermaston Wharf. We needed to acquire, some Canal and River Trust prepayment cards for the service points. We have some old ones we have not used, but suspect they may be out of date. So just in case we purchased a couple of the newer version. A couple of miles further on we arrived at Woolhampton swing bridge and Lock. This is also where the river flows into the canal from the left, and the current can be quite strong. It wasn’t too bad as we have had so little rain, so entry into the Lock was barely affected. I imagine when there is a bit of a flow on the river, it might be a different story. This may explain why the boat moored opposite, is covered in vehicle tyres. No doubt fed up with being bashed into, by boaters who have got it wrong. Once above the Lock we secured the boat on the 48 hour moorings, then with four legs went to explore the local pub.

Moored Woolhampton Lock

Today we returned to the pub, the Rowbarge, for lunch with family. I had the sea bass and it was very tasty indeed. The pub is also dog friendly. Tomorrow we head off towards Newbury, there have been no further updates on the restrictions at the summit level, so we will take it slowly, and hope things improve before we get there.

Totals 4 Miles 4 Locks

Running total 301 Miles 316 Locks 9 Tunnels

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