Just a short post today, to keep our progress up to date. Setting off from All Cannings, it was quite chilly this morning, following some overnight rain. The low cloud still clung to the hills in the distance, but the sun was making attempts to break through. One other boat departed just before us, also heading for Devizes. We had two swing bridges to deal with, encountering a wide beam at one of them, and six miles to navigate. As we arrived at Devizes, the boat ahead of us, found a spot and pulled in. As we passed, it was looking rather full ahead. We were keeping everything crossed, because if we failed to find a mooring spot, we had 29 Locks to deal with, and we didn’t fancy that today. As we approached the Top Lock, we were fortunate. Several spaces were available, so we moored at the start of the visitor moorings. You are allowed 72 hours here, and as the weather is forecast heavy rain for the next day or so, we will probably use that time. We took four legs for a walk down the flight, and spoke with the Lock keeper to confirm that the current restrictions haven’t changed. Then after lunch, we wandered into Devizes to pick up some fruit and veg from the market.

Moored at Devizes, Caen Hill Top Lock in the background

So now we will sit out the bad weather, and look forward to the return of the heatwave next week.

Totals 6 Miles

Running total 339 Miles 359 Locks 10 Tunnels

2 thoughts on “Devizes

  1. nb.Achernar July 19, 2019 / 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the tip, we will probably pop along for a taster.


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