Caen Hill

We have decided to cheat, we didn’t fancy 29 Locks in one day, that sounds too much like hard work. We had some heavy rain overnight, but by 11am the skies were clearing. There had been quite a bit of traffic going down the Lock flight this morning, so we took four legs for his walk, to see how it was progressing. The first six Locks are unrestricted, and just prior to the restriction there is visitor mooring for two boats. We returned to the boat and began our descent. We would likely reach the mooring spot before encountering those ascending the flight. Three Locks down and we passed the Black Horse P.H. with its bankside mooring empty.

Descending Lock three, Black Horse P.H. to the left.

We arrived at our intended spot, just as the boat traffic ascending began to arrive. We secured the boat, then went along to the small Lock cafe for lunch. We are now well placed for the opening of the flight at 10 am tomorrow, and instead of 29 Locks, we only have 23 to do.

Moored on Caen Hill flight

The first six Locks are spread over just under a mile, the next sixteen are clumped together in half a mile, so quite a steep hill. The Canal is lowered by 130 feet through these 16 Locks.

Totals 1 Mile 6 Locks

Running total 340 Miles 365 Locks 10 Tunnels

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