Bath (river mooring)

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end, as we departed Bristol. We had reached the furthest limit of our 2019 cruise, and were now beginning the slow journey home. First we had to get a final photo of us, winding in front of the SS Great Britain.

The best backdrop to a winding this year

It was still early, but the sky was blue and the sun was up. It was perfect weather to be departing the Floating Harbour. As we passed beneath the bridges, we saw scores of people scurrying along on their way to work. Many didn’t see us, as we slipped along thirty feet below them, but a few waved. The tides were still neap, so we were not expecting much effect as we headed upstream, only the flow of the river would slow us down. The journey down took six hours, it would be interesting to see how long it would take getting back. The first couple of hours were uneventful, as we cruised alone on the very picturesque river Avon. Then we began to encounter some oncoming traffic. We caught up with a boat which had departed from Hanham Lock earlier, and now had a locking partner for the remaining three Locks into Bath. As we approached the mooring, it was busier than when we departed, but there was still space. We found a spot and secured the boat. The journey had taken six and a half hours, so only half an hour extra against the flow. The diesel gauge however, has moved a significant amount. We’d had lunch on route, so we decided to walk along the river into Bath and view the famous Pulteney Bridge and Weir.

Pulteney Bridge and Weir, Bath

We planned to stay put today, due to adverse weather which had been forecast. In the end it has not been as bad as expected, but a day of rest has been appreciated. Tomorrow we head up Bath Locks, and back onto the Kennet and Avon Canal. Our trip down to Bristol has been great.

Totals 17 Miles 7 Locks

Running total 394 Miles 416 Locks 12 Tunnels

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