Yelvertoft Marina

It’s been a while since our last post, we definitely have not remained at Napton all this time. After a few days hovering between Napton and Braunston, we descended the Calcutt Locks, and entered the Marina. Our calorifier had sprung a leak a few months earlier, and now we were having it replaced. It was also an opportunity, to plumb in an expansion tank to the hot water side of the system, which should hopefully reduce the pressure on the main tank, increasing its longevity. Two days later we were on our way again, and over the next three days, we headed back through Braunston and the tunnel, turned left at Norton Junction, and ascended Watford staircase Locks. Once through Crick tunnel, we took the boat past our Marina aiming for Welford Junction. We spent a few days at Welford, touching up the blacking on the hull, then returned to Yelvertoft. Our arrival back in the Marina at the beginning of October, was earlier than we would normally return, due to a family wedding taking place. So to wrap up the blog for 2019, Happy New Year to anyone who reads these ramblings.

Totals 19 Locks 53 Miles 2 Tunnels

Running totals 566 Miles 615 Locks 17 Tunnels

One thought on “Yelvertoft Marina

  1. Cicely April 18, 2021 / 12:22 pm

    We were talking about narrowboats so I checked in on your blog – hope all is well – I expect you are hunkered down somewhere nice – riding out the storm. All ok here


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