Bradley Green

As planned a little over an hour after we set off this morning we approached the top lock at Atherstone. There are 11 locks in the flight and a combination of short and longish pounds between. We stopped halfway down the flight between locks 5 and 6 in order to visit the town centre for a top up of supplies. There was a Co-op and an Aldi to choose from but the High Street was not much to speak of. On walking back along the towpath laden with bags we met Tony from nb Lydia May. Tony’s boat was possibly the second to last Hudson that was completed and we had left Glascote before it was finished so it was nice to see it all done.


Tony helped the first mate with the next lock and then we said our farewells. I am sure we will meet again as we bob our way around the system.
Although the day started out cloudy it was warm but by now the sun had come out so doing the remaining locks was warm work.
                               Last but one looking back up the flight towards Atherstone. 
At the bottom of the locks is a service point so we pulled in to top up the water tank. This was a fast filling tap so after 15 mins we were done. It was then only a couple of hundred yards around the corner and beyond the winding hole to our planned mooring.

All moored up in a nice sunny spot this will now do us until Monday, when we set off for Fazeley Junction and beyond.

Totals 6 Miles 11 Locks