We departed Brewood early this morning hoping to pass through the narrows prior to Autherley Junction, without meeting too much oncoming boat traffic. We succeeded in that objective however the queue at the stop lock by the junction would slow us up a bit. We filled with water whilst waiting, and in no time it was our turn. Passing through the lock we turned left onto the Staffs and Worcs Canal. At this point on the canal we are on the outskirts of Wolverhampton. It is easy to tell when near a city, as the canal water appears black in colour. We had one further narrow section to pass through and could see a boat ahead of us, so we followed them in. We arrived at our planned mooring location between bridges 73 and 74 at about 1.30 pm. We now have a timescale of sorts to keep to, in that yesterday I booked our visit to Calcutt Boats for the 1st September. This is have our diesel heater repositioned in the engine room, to a more serviceable location. Calcutt Boats are located on the Grand Union Canal south of Braunston so we have some way to go yet. Tomorrow the weather is reported to take a turn for the worse later in the afternoon, so we will aim for another early morning start.

Total 10 Miles 1 Lock
Running total 446 Miles 215 Locks 18 Tunnels


Just before 8.30 am we moved forward the short distance to Norbury Wharf. The diesel price here is nearly the cheapest on the canal network at 59.9 pence per litre. Knowing we would be refilling here we had run the tank lower than normal, so took on 112 litres. Our trip today took us across the substantial Shelmore Embankment, before passing through the village of Gnosall and the very short Cowley Tunnel. At Wheaton Aston we had a single lock to navigate, then two more miles to our destination at Brewood. We have now left Shropshire behind and are well into Staffordshire. Tomorrow we will leave the Shropshire Union Canal, as we head along the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal towards Coven Heath.



Totals 11 Miles 1 Lock 1 Tunnel
Running total 436 Miles 214 Locks 18 Tunnels