Calcutt Marina

After spending a pleasant Saturday by bridge 100 it was time to move again. Today there seemed to be an increase in boat traffic, all heading towards Braunston. Just over an hour after setting off we arrived at Wigrams Turn where we rejoined the Grand Union Canal heading towards Birmingham. As we were entering the top lock another boat came into view in the distance, so we waited. It is far easier with two boats in these wide locks, and it saves water. There are three locks in the flight at Calcutt and the entrance to the marina is adjacent to the bottom lock. As we turned left into the marina and headed for our berth by the slipway, we spotted a very well known narrowboat ‘James’ moored against the ‘dump barge’. The owner runs a web site, living on a narrowboat, and operates taster days for people who want to try boating. We moored up and went to report in at the office. Later, the engineers who are going to refit our diesel boiler came to the boat to discuss what needed to be done. The good news is the work may only take a day and a half, rather than the three days originally quoted. Tomorrow, we move temporarily onto one of Calcutts hire boats, ‘Wild Hemlock 1’, whilst our boat goes into the shed.


             Our spot against the slipway with famous nb.James and the dump barge in distance.

Totals 4 Miles 3 Locks
Running total 17 Miles 16 Locks 2 Tunnels