Llangollen update

Today as planned we took a trip on the Llangollen railway. The line runs for ten miles to the village of Corwen. Various types of engine are used, and it is possible using the timetable to choose how you travel, either by steam or diesel. We, for obvious reasons choose steam. The return trip take about 1 hour 40 mins, however we opted to depart the train at the village of Carrog. Here the engine is turned from one end of the train to the other. The village also hosts the Grouse P.H. which was recommended to us by the guard for lunch, and is dog friendly. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here they are.


                                                            On approach to Carrog Station.


                                                              The end of the line, currently.


                                                                           Carrog Station.


                                                                 Engine 5199 built in 1934.

                                                         Stunning scenery surrounding the River Dee.
On our return journey we disembarked the train at Berwyn. It was then just a short walk over a newly constructed chain bridge across the River Dee to Horseshoe Falls. This is a Horseshoe shaped weir on the river designed by Thomas Telford to raise the river level, providing a feeder for the Llangollen Canal. The flow rate into the canal exceeds 13 million gallons a day.
                                                                         Horseshoe Falls.
                                                                            Berwyn Bridge.
There is a strict 48 hour time limit in Llangollen Basin and our time is up tomorrow lunchtime. The weather looks fair so we are going to head back towards Chirk. This time we are going with the flow, so I expect the return journey will be easier.