This morning the hills around the Marina basin were shrouded in mist, the wind turbine on the top of the hill, completely obscured from view. Today we would leave Yelvertoft for the summer, there were a few jobs to finalise before setting off. The crew returned to the boat around lunchtime, so after a bite to eat, we manoeuvred from our berth onto the service dock. A little after two o’clock we were underway. Turning left this time from the Marina entrance, we could just about feel the sun starting to break through. We rounded Cracks Hill, a regular walking route, and passed Crick Marina, famous for its annual boat show. The moorings restaurant appeared shut, and then we could see the gapping mouth of Crick Tunnel ahead. In the distance within the tunnel, was the telltale tunnel light of an approaching boat. As we entered the northern portal, we got a thorough drenching from the constantly leaking roof, passing the boat we had seen on our approach. There would be a further two boats to encounter, during our transit of the tunnel. Our intended spot was just prior to bridge 9, about half a mile from the tunnel southern portal. It is always a gamble as to whether your favourite spot, is also someone else’s, but today we rounded the bend, and saw it was vacant. We have used this spot before, so we know it is good for the satellite and phone signals. As we secured the boat, the sun finally won its battle with the mist, and now we are in a great rural location, settled for the remainder of the afternoon.

As the photos show this is a great mooring, which is why as I write this another boat has pulled in just beyond the bridge. We are now just half a mile from the top of Watford locks, which we will descend tomorrow as we head for the far side of Braunston.

  • Totals 4 Miles 1 Tunnel
  • Running total 29 Miles 2 Locks 1 Tunnel