This morning the skies looked ominously grey as we untied the boat. We passed through the boatyard base of the Anglo Welsh hire fleet, and over a small aqueduct. About half a mile further on, we pulled into the new Hill Farm Marina we had spotted on our walk the previous day. We had a slight delay before we could obtain the services we needed, but by 11 am, we were once again underway. We only had one lock to navigate today, I’m sure the crew was happy with that. Next was the Edstone Aqueduct, at 200yds it is the longest in England, as it crosses both a railway and a road.

On the approach to Edstone Aqueduct
About half way across

Sadly the photos are a little grey, due to the fact that the rain which had been threatening for some time, finally arrived. As can be seen, the towpath is to the port side and level with the base of the trough, so walkers get a ducks eye view of the boats as they cross. To the starboard side is a sheer drop of a hundred feet or so. Once across the Aqueduct, our intended mooring was just over a mile further on. We found a nice rural spot, made better by the fact that the rain had gone, and the sun was out. No piling to attach to, so out with the pins once more.

Mooring half a mile prior to Wilmcote
The view from our side hatch

The first mate is planning to abandon ship tomorrow for a few days, meaning me and four legs will have some chores to do, aka respite time. We are now just four miles and sixteen Locks from Stratford upon Avon.

Totals 3 Miles 1 Lock

Running totals 45 Miles 77 Locks 3 Tunnels