Lyme Green

Yesterday we moved on from our spot opposite Lyme View Marina. The morning started with rain, however, the forecast was that it would clear by lunchtime. Using the rain radar weather site, we could track the progress of the showers, and by eleven o’clock we were good to go. After two miles we were passing through Bollington, and the moorings by the Aquaduct were empty. Further on through Macclesfield we arrived at Gurnett, and again the moorings were nearly empty. This is so different to a few weeks ago when we travelled up this way. Clearly the holidays are over now and there is less boat traffic about. We arrived at Lyme Green which has the appearance of rural tranquility, but is remarkably close to a very useful retail park, pleasantly obscured from view.


                                                          Mooring spot at Lyme Green.

Today we walked back into Gurnett, and took lunch at Sutton Hall. This is a former 17th century Manor House that has been converted into a restaurant/pub. It is also the one time family home of the Earls of Lucan. We kept our eyes open, but there was no sign of the missing Lord. The building has an abundance of large oak beams and heavy oak panelled walls.

                                                              Sutton Hall.


                                 Previous occupants family crests mounted below the chimney.

As we write this, the wind is howling outside and we are in for a fairly stormy night. Tomorrow however is forecast to fine and dry. We will stay here till Monday by which time we will be in need of water.
Totals 8 Miles
Running total 314 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels