Today was another day for doing Locks, 19 of the pesky things. First we had a three mile cruise to do. We set off from our mooring and at the next bridge pulled in, whilst the crew popped along to a nearby bakery, which was advertising its wares. Once underway, we passed through the next bridge ‘ole, to be confronted by an Anglo Welsh hire boat wedged tight across the Canal. Apparently rubbish round the prop had stalled the engine, and now they were stuck solid. Despite heaving with a boat pole, it wasn’t moving, so we attached a line and towed them out. Did wonder whether to claim salvage rights, but I don’t think marine salvage law applies on the canals. We also had a few lift bridges to navigate, not the easy sort which work with a key, these ones the crew had to wind up and down.

Draw Bridge near Hockley Heath

Soon we were at the Top Lock of the Lapworth flight. We did the first four on our own, then for the next nine, we were accompanied by some volunteers who work the Locks. Have the next Lock set ahead, certainly sped things up a bit.

A vlockie helping

After 17 Locks we reached the water point. The tank needed a refill, and it was lunchtime. Forty five minutes later we descended the final lock on the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal, and navigated through King’s Wood Junction.

King’s Wood Junction

Right for Stratford-upon-Avon, left for the Grand Union, we turned left. Down the final lock for the day, we joined the Lapworth link, and at the junction with the Grand Union Canal, we turned right, heading towards Warwick. A mile and a half later, we found our mooring spot and secured the boat. Tomorrow we will wash the starboard side, and tend to a few other maintenance jobs, but for now we are just going to relax for the evening.

Mooring at Rowington

Mooring pins are required here, but the ground is very solid so I doubt they will move. One other point to note, we have now completed more Locks in the six weeks since leaving Yelvertoft, than we did in the whole of last year.

Totals 6 Miles 19 Locks

Running total 141 Miles 187 Locks 8 Tunnels