Lyme View Marina

Today we departed New Mills Marina, after we topping up with diesel and pumping out the waste tank. We enjoyed our short stay there as it is only a small Marina, and the people we met were friendly. The views from the berths across the valley towards Kinder Scout were fantastic. 


                                                                  New Mills Marina.

At Marple Junction we made the turn back onto the Macclesfield Canal, and now just like the sun, we have commenced our journey south for the winter. Our intended mooring spot at Higher Poynton was unavailable, the last of the Braidbar boat stragglers, still there following their open day at the weekend. So we continued on to our secondary choice, opposite Lyme View Marina. This time we have stopped on the 24 hr moorings, which do not have an underwater shelf, unlike where we stopped previously here on the other side of the bridge.

Totals 8 Miles
Running total 306 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels

High Lane

Yesterday we broke a golden rule of ours, we travelled in the rain. The reasons were due to bad weather the last couple of days, we had stayed just longer than the 48 hours allowed at the Wood Lane moorings, ( albeit we were the only boat on the mooring ) we needed to pump out the waste tank, we only planned to travel one mile, and the forecast had said it would be light rain only. We moved off through the bridge ahead of the mooring, and onto the service pontoon at Lyme View Marina. The tank was emptied in no time, and we were on our way. It was raining, and it began to get heavier. Still only half a mile to go, to moorings by a wide section of canal at Higher Poynton. Unfortunately it was full, chockablock. We stopped at the water point adjacent to the short arm at Lord Vernons Wharf, where Braidbar boats are fitted out, hoping that by the time we had to move on, the rain might have stopped. It was not to be, it got heavier still. A mile further on the next village was High Lane. Here there was still some space. So now dripping wet, we secured the boat and settled down to watch the last two instalments of the Harry Potter film set. Today the weather was fine a dry. We walked the furry crew member back to Higher Poynton, to visit the Boars Head P.H. for lunch, and then ice cream at the Trading Post, next to Braidbar Boats. The Trading Post is a small cafe/chandlers/grocery store, with a number of tables outside where you can sit by the canal and watch the world go by. We also noted quite a few Braidbar boats in the vicinity, gathering no doubt for their open day next weekend.



                                                              Mooring at High Lane.

Where we are moored currently is a short distance from a number of shops and takeaway restaurants. We may treat ourselves to one tonight. Tomorrow we plan to travel up to Marple and then onto the Peak Forest Canal.
Totals 3 Miles
Running totals 288 Miles 178 Locks 13 Tunnels