No blog post for yesterday when we stopped in Newbury, due to it being quite a long day. We had six Locks and eight miles to do, we also needed services, and a resupply of groceries. At Thatcham we encountered the second, of two surviving turf sided Locks, Monkey Marsh Lock.

Monkey Marsh Lock empty.
And now flooded

On arrival in Newbury, we stopped at Newbury Marina for a pump out. After about forty minutes trying to get the pump to work, we gave up. Fortunately we don’t leave pump outs to the point where it becomes critical, so we still have options. This delayed our arrival at Victoria Park, and space was tight. A lady boater agreed to move back a couple of rings on the mooring, to close a gap, and we slotted onto the end.

Moored Victoria Park Newbury

The boat secure we went off in search of Sainsbury’s for our restock of goodies. This morning we set off for Kintbury. We passed through the pub quarter of Newbury, and also spotted some alternative mooring spots for our return journey.

Cruising through Newbury Town Centre

At the second Lock of the day, we saw another boat approaching from behind as were about to exit it. We had another six to go, so we waited for them to catch us up, then shared the remaining Locks with them. It makes it much easier with two boats in the Lock. We arrived at Kintbury at lunchtime, so we checked out The Dundas Arms. Back at the boat after lunch, we gave it a wash whilst four legs sprawled himself out on the towpath. We were then treated to the spectacle of a bygone era, a horse drawn boat came along.

One horse power is all that is needed
Mooring at Kintbury

Tomorrow we head off for Hungerford. We have also received an update about the ongoing closure of the summit level. The restrictions are going to remain in place for the foreseeable future, so it appears that transits across the summit are restricted to twice a week. We will have to time our arrival accordingly.

Totals 11/7. 6 Miles 8 Locks

12/7. 6 Miles 8 Locks

Running total 313 Miles 332 Locks 9 Tunnels