Debdale Update 2

Yesterday we took a trip to the market town of Oundle in Northamptonshire. We walked around Barnwell Country Park which runs adjacent to the River Nene, and had our first look at the guillotine type locks found on this river familiarising ourselves with the method of operation.

Today it was back to Debdale Wharf. We saw the boat sides had been fully grit blasted and the hot zinc spray coating had been applied. The boat was also raised far higher allowing access to the base plate. It was a little unnerving walking underneath 20 odd tons of boat, held up by just four props. We are still not sure if they have caught up with the delay caused earlier in the week, due to the hoist being out of action. If they can finish applying the two pack epoxy blacking today, this will give it the required two days to harden over the weekend, if not the relaunch may have to be put back a day. 





In the photos above you can see the slight difference between the bare, grit blasted hull and the newly applied zinc, with the rubbing strake being the dividing line. Both the weed hatch above the propeller and the bow thruster tube have been treated, and we have also had the gas locker seen too.