Rowde (Bottom of Caen Hill)

So yesterday morning over breakfast, we were entertained by fun and games, as numerous hire boats attempted to all get through the Lock at Bradford-on-Avon. An hour and a half later they had all cleared, and we began our passage up the Lock. It later transpired, the reason it took so long, was because none of them were helping each other work the Lock. Still it didn’t affect us so never mind. Cruising towards Semington we found ourselves behind a wide beam, so we were unable to share the locks with them. However a couple of Locks further on, and we both caught up another narrow boat, the wide beam couldn’t go in the Lock with it, but we could. It was a boat well known to us over the past few weeks, nb Lady Penelope. We thought they had got well ahead of us beyond Bath, but appears not. We then shared a couple of Locks at Seend, and both stopped by the Barge Inn, where we had lunch.

Moored opposite Barge Inn, Seend

The weather was getting hotter by the hour, so we ended up spending the afternoon, and a good portion of the evening in the pub garden as well.

This morning we reversed a hundred yards from the mooring, to use the pump out machine. Then at 9.15 am we were underway. Our aim today was to reach the base of the Caen Hill Lock flight, by the restricted section. We had three miles and ten Locks to navigate, and wanted to time our arrival for about 12 noon. Hopefully this would mean, any boats waiting to go up the flight would have gone, and any coming down would not yet have arrived. There was not much to slow our progress today, but you do need to keep an eye open in what can be treacherous waters.

Anti ship mines in the water

We arrived at our chosen destination at 11.55am, so perfect timing, and the mooring was vacant. Both us and nb Lady Penelope, are now in pole position to ascend Caen Hill tomorrow.

Totals 2/8. 7 Miles 5 Locks

3/8. 3 Miles 10 Locks

Running total 413 Miles 437 Locks 14 Tunnels