Fosse Locks

Well we ended up spending four days, moored in the pound between Locks 29 and 30 on the Hatton flight. This allowed the crew to jump ship, and go home over the bank holiday weekend, whilst me and four legs did some maintenance tasks. The pound we were in, whilst the longest on the flight, must also have been the leakiest. Several times a day, the water level would drop significantly exposing the propeller, and the water coming down the flight, was unable to keep pace with the water leaking out. Fortunately we must have been directly over a large area of silt, because even when the water dropped, the boat did not tilt much as it rested on the bottom.

The crew returned yesterday, so this morning we headed off down the flight. We also had another reason for moving. Last night the furry crew, inadvertently stepped on his ball and hurt himself. That will teach him to leave his toys laying about. We thought initially he had twisted something, but what he had actually done, was to rip out part of his claw, ouch. We had bandaged it up and stuck a boot on it, but we needed to get him to a vet, so our wallet could be emptied.

We descended the remaining four Locks of Hatton, then the two Cape Locks. A short distance further on, we stopped at Emscote. First a visit to the vets, who were very friendly. Four legs had his toe frozen with some spray, and then the partially removed claw, was fully removed with a quick tug, ouch again. So clawless, with some antiseptic solution, manuka honey to aid healing, antibiotics to prevent an infection building, and pain killers we were done. If only humans could receive such speedy and detailed treatment. Now he has to keep it covered when out and about, so he has borrowed a blue sock.

The wounded soldier, with blue sock

Back at the boat we had lunch, then the other crew went to the nearby Tesco supermarket, and replenished supplies. We now had two more Locks and three miles to go, to reach our intended destination. On the way through Royal Leamington Spa before, I mentioned that the graffiti was of an altogether different quality. This time I managed to photograph some.

Graffiti art in Royal Leamington Spa

Soon we had left the urban sprawl behind, and entered open countryside once more. We found our mooring spot above Fosse Lock No. 22 and secured the boat.

Mooring Fosse Locks

On our arrival, the water level in the pound was a little low, and we did wonder if this would be a problem. However on further inspection of our surrounds, we noticed that back pumps were active beneath the bywash. This pumps water back from the lower pound, and should therefore maintain a decent level.

Back pumps at work

Whilst this mooring is nice and quiet, and the sort of place we could easily stay a few days, we are in need of services in the next few days, so we will need to move on.

Totals 7 Miles 8 Locks

Running total 152 Miles 212 Locks 9 Tunnels