Sells Green

At about 9.15 am, boats began arriving in the pound we had spent the night. The first to arrive, would be our locking partner for the day. The water levels in the pounds looked quite good, so we assume that the long awaited repaired pump, has been installed and is working well. Just before 10 am, the Lock keeper removed the padlocks and we were on our way. As the Locks were so close together, and in a straight line, we were able to exit and enter the Locks simultaneously as a pair, which made the whole process quicker and easier. At the bottom of the sixteen Locks, the other boat found a mooring spot, and was intending on stopping for the day. We still had a further seven Locks to do, but not before taking a photo, looking back at where we had come from.

Caen Hill Locks

On arrival at Sells Green, we found a fair bit of mooring available, and so took our choice of spot. We had thought of filling with water, but given the amount of boat traffic, we decided against that idea, in case all the available mooring quickly disappeared. We have seen a significant increase in the number of hire boats today, then it dawned, the school holidays have begun.

Moored at Sells Green

We wandered off to the local pub, the Three Magpies, to see if they were still serving lunch. But we had arrived too late so sadly not. Lunch was had onboard, then we spent the afternoon relaxing aka recovering, from all the Lock work we had done.

Totals 2 Miles 23 Locks

Running total 342 Miles 388 Locks 10 Tunnels