We had no particular goal in mind today, we would just stop when we felt we had done enough. We did however need to navigate the Seend Lock flight, five Locks which drop the canal a further 38 feet. Between the third and forth Lock are services and a water point, so we made use of both. This was our first opportunity to try out our new expanding hoses, to replace the old leaking ones we have been using up till now. They worked very well, and shrunk back to a third of their size afterwards. It was here we also met nb Lady Penelope again. We have been playing leap frog with this boat since Newbury at least, and on occasions sharing Locks. We carried on towards Semington where at the Top Lock we descended separately. The approach to the Lock is interesting in that the Canal is divided by a central reservation.

Keep right of central reservation

This Lock has sustained substantial damage to its lower walls, where a wide beam became jammed earlier in the year. It appears that they had to remove a significant amount of brickwork to free the boat. Obviously a repair is pending. Below the next Lock we passed what was the former junction of the Wilts and Berks Canal. This used to run all the way to Abingdon on the river Thames. If it was still in existence, we would not need to go back up Caen Hill, in a couple of weeks.

Former entrance to the Wilts and Berks Canal

A couple of hundred yards further on we called it a day, whilst nb Lady Penelope carried on. We secured the boat and took four legs in search of the local pub.

Moored at Semington

After lunch and on return to the boat, we made a few phone calls to plan our trip down the tidal section of the river Avon, and into Bristol floating harbour later in the week.

Totals 3 Miles 7 Locks

Running total 345 Miles 395 Locks 10 Tunnels