Stoke Hammond day 3

Today was a logistics day. Ahead of our mooring spot were the three locks at Soulbury. Between lock two and three on the rise is a winding hole, and this would be the limit of our journey south this year. The morning was forecast to be bright and sunny so we set off after breakfast. At the foot of the lock flight is a water point so we filled up. Whilst waiting we also saw our first heron catching a fish. He was hovering over the pound, something must have caught his eye, then he swooped down, hopped out with wriggling fish in its beak, and then it was gone. It was also bigger than the ones I caught last year.


                                                Taking on water and setting the lock.

The lock flight is manned by volunteers so we informed them of our intention to wind. The middle pound is adjacent to the Three Locks P.H. which we tried yesterday. It is dog friendly and serves good food, although did seem on the pricey side. Having winded it was back down the two locks, and back to our mooring spot above Stoke Hammond Lock. The weather is proving bizarre at the moment. One minute bright sunshine, the next wind and sleet. It is our intention, subject to the vagaries of the forecast weather, to set off for Milton Keynes and Great Linford tomorrow. This afternoon between wintery showers, the garden on the roof was tended to by the crew. Not wanting to be out done I thought I would tackle the stove. There was five months of baked on soot to clean, still now it’s done.
Totals 2 Miles 4 Locks
Running total 62 Miles 44 Locks 3 Tunnels