Napton on the Hill

Well this morning the summer temperatures had returned. We woke to bright sunshine, and could tell it would be a very warm day. Our first job was to cruise the one mile to Ventnor Farm Marina for services. We manoeuvred into the Sunset Basin, and what a delightful setting it is. The staff attended to us immediately and were very friendly, even allowing us to refill with water, and empty all our rubbish. Services complete, we exited the Marina and headed for Calcutt Bottom Lock. There are three Locks in the flight, and we met a couple of boats descending. Passing through the flight, you could see that it was a hand over day for the hire fleet, as all the boats were lined up, ready for new holidaymakers to arrive.

Looking back at the Calcutt Boats

Once above the Top Lock, it is a short hop to Wigrams Turn, mostly done with the engine on tick over, as we passed a line of moored boats. Wigrams Turn is where the Grand Union Canal meets the Oxford Canal, and is where we were turning right, heading for Napton, and ultimately Oxford.

Wigrams Turn and the Oxford Canal ahead

We now had just a mile and a half or so to cruise, until we would reach our intended destination of Napton on the Hill. As the crow flies the distance is about 600 yards, but we had to follow the contour of the hill as we rounded Napton. There is a nice windmill perched high up on the hill.

Windmill at Napton on the Hill

We found a mooring spot and secured the boat. Knowing that just round the next bend is the Folly P.H. and being lunchtime, we popped along for a bite to eat. The Folly is a favoured location of ours for Sunday roasts, during our winter confinement at Yelvertoft.

Well deck view of mooring at Napton

I had the fillet steak, and the crew battered halloumi, it was very nice. The furry one sat drooling the entire time, so begrudgingly I gave him a smidgen of my steak. With the Napton flight of Locks ahead, we are not sure if we will move tomorrow or not, and even if we do, we might not do the whole flight, as there are several options to moor on the way up.

Totals 4 Miles 3 Locks

Running total 161 Miles 233 Locks 9 Tunnels