Weston upon Trent

Having enjoyed a day of rest at the pig farm moorings, it was time to move on again. Our target destination today was Weston upon Trent. We had two locks to navigate before arriving at Great Haywood Junction. This is where the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal departs the Trent and Mersey heading for Stourport. There was a short delay at one of the locks due to pirates attempting to kidnap the crew.


We pulled in at the service block at Great Haywood for water, resisting the temptation of ice creams from the nearby farm shop. 

                                               Great Haywood Junction filling the water tank.

Moving on beyond the junction we were now travelling on new waters. We had a short wait due to a queue at Hoo Mill Lock. This lock has an interesting feature. The bridge crossing the lock has a gap in the middle, which was designed to allow the boats being towed by horse, to pass through without the need to remove the rope, thereby saving time and effort.

                                                                  Hoo Mill Lock.


                                                Footbridge with the rope gap in the centre.

The moorings on the approach to Weston upon Trent were full when we arrived, which was not surprising as it was lunchtime. We passed through the village a found a spot just before bridge 81. It was ideal. There was a boat length of clearing in the reeds, which means no neighbours. It also has good views and the bridge ahead joins a track which leads directly to the Saracens Head P.H. for Sunday lunch tomorrow.

This spot has now been marked in our guide book as a favoured spot for future use when we travel this way. This afternoon we took advantage of the good weather to touch up a few areas on the boat that needed attention.
Totals 6 Miles 4 Locks
Running total 242 Miles 149 Locks 12 Tunnels