Norbury Junction

Slipping away from our mooring at Market Drayton by 8 we soon arrived at the Tyrley Locks. This flight also consists of five locks, and as yesterday, all were in our favour. As can be seen from the photo below, the lock gates at this flight leak like a sieve. You would think the paddles were raised already with the amount of water flooding through the top gate.


The bottom of this flight is located within a wooded cutting, but as we ascended we emerged into bright sunshine. We have to keep an eye on the furry crew member. He has realised that if the hoop of his lead is simply placed over the small bollards he can with a bit of jiggery-pokery lift his lead off himself.

Having arrived at the top of the flight we now only have one more lock to navigate on the Shroppie. We met a couple of boats as we passed through Woodseaves Cutting so rather than rub sides with them we stopped at a wider section allowing them to pass. When about half way through the cutting we passed the location of a recently fallen beech tree. Reports were that a couple of weeks ago, chaos ensued as the cutting was blocked with dozens of boats stuck for a couple of days at the busiest time of the year. Little of the wood remained so we suspect a few liveaboard boaters have stocked up with fuel for the winter. Our next obstacle was a fishing competition, consisting of 75 fishermen spread out along a mile and a half of the canal. Boats coming the other way informed us they were very grumpy, but we acknowledged each of them as we passed and found them ok. It was like receiving a royal salute, as fishing poles were raised in turn to allow our passage. On arrival at Norbury Junction we were lucky to find a spot prior to the bridge and service yard. Our journey had taken five hours and it was now lunchtime. The Junction Inn was serving a Sunday roast and also had a decent selection of vegetarian options for the crew. We plan to fill with diesel at Norbury Wharf at 59p a litre. It is a penny a litre dearer than Wheaton Aston but the fuel filler is on the correct side here. Tomorrow we are aiming for Brewood.
Totals 11 Miles 5 Locks
Running total 425 Miles 213 Locks 17 Tunnels