Yesterday we travelled ten miles and four Locks, before arriving at Abingdon. On route, we couldn’t initially work out what was missing from the landscape, then it dawned. The cooling towers at Didcot Power Station were missing, we had photographed them a few months ago, but since then, they have been raised to the ground.

This view no longer exists

A google search informed us, that they were demolished a week or so ago, and that when the explosives went off, it cut the power to the local area for a while. The approach to Abingdon is very picturesque and includes one building with what appears to be a substantial number of chimneys.

Approach to Abingdon

The mooring was tight in Abingdon, it is a popular stopping place, especially for the large cruisers. We spotted a gap to the front of a familiar boat, nb Castellan. We shoehorned ourselves into the gap, then went for lunch. Back at the boat the sky clouded over, and we realised that we’d had the best of the weather, during our morning cruise.

This morning we departed Abingdon just after 9am, it was going to be a hot day. We were aiming for a mooring at Oxford, just below Osney Bridge. As we ascended in the Lock, the Lock keeper told us there was one space left. Unfortunately in the time it took to open the top gates, another boat travelling downstream stole the spot. Being unable to stop here, also meant we would not be entering the Oxford Canal via the Sheepwash Channel, as the mooring on the Canal is very limited. We carried on upstream, passing Port Meadow to starboard, then navigated through Godstow Lock. Just above the Lock, we found a spot to moor and secured the boat. We had been told that the Trout Inn, a favoured haunt of John Thaw is located close by. We wandered off with four legs to find it, and then had lunch there.

Mooring at Wolvercote

The Godstow Lock keeper informed us that there may be a charge at this site, but that she didn’t think anyone had been along collecting fees for some time. We did find the remains of a sign, which probably gave information on the mooring regulations, but sadly not much of the sign remains, so we are in the dark as to whether we have to pay or not. I suspect if money is due, someone will be along soon to tap on the boat.

Mooring information sign, missing its information.

We only plan staying here one night, then it is back onto the Oxford Canal, via the Duke’s Cut.

Totals Thursday 22/8. 10 Miles 4 Locks

Friday 23/8. 10 Miles 5 Locks

Running total 505 Miles 530 Locks 15 Tunnels