Bath (River Avon Mooring)

Just a short post today to update our movement this morning. As planned we set off at 9 am for Bath Top Lock. Just as we were about to enter, who should come into view, nb Lady Penelope. We now had a partner for the descent of the six Locks. By the time we reached the penultimate Lock, the volunteers had begun to arrive. Bath Deep Lock, is just that. At 19 feet 10 inches, the second deepest in the country apparently. It used to be two Locks, but to make room for a road, it was converted into a single Lock.

Entering Bath Deep Lock
Within the cavernous chamber
Making our escape

One more Lock and we were onto the River Avon. As you exit there are warnings about strong flows, but with the complete lack of prolonged rain, the river is very benign.

River Avon, left towards Bristol

You can turn right and head up the Avon, but only for a quarter of a mile, to the famous Pulteney Weir. The crew was picked up from the floating pontoon, and we then travelled about 300 yards downstream to the mooring we checked out yesterday. The exercise for the remainder of the day, is to keep the sun out of the boat, and the breeze blowing through it. Tomorrow we have a long day aiming for Bristol, but it is forecast to be 8 degrees cooler.

Totals 1 Miles 6 Locks

Running total 360 Miles 402 Locks 12 Tunnels

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